February 22, 2020


via Daily Prompt: Pursue   Pursue your dreams is a quote easily said then done. I have always wanted to write, I got a chance when I was at my sister’s place to recall our time as kids. It’s a phase I can never forget.  One of my important memory which comes to my mind […]


Dreams are Temporary

  Dreams are temporary, but they feel so real. Have you sometimes felt you are in a dream with weird creepy crawl reptiles (I don’t even like to tell their name) like snakes really large ones all around you. Yesterday night was one of them. I was very restless and could not fall asleep. I was twisting […]

Five bitter foods which are good for our health

  Our tongue receptors is the most important aspect in tasting food, how ever delicious the food is cooked, our tongue decided how our food taste. Our tongue differentiate  5 different flavors, Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter and umami( it’s a combination of sweet, salty, sour and bitterness). There are several bitter foods which are good […]


Daily Prompt: Panicked Trying to write a small story using Panicked Tammy had a flight to catch to Las Vegas, where she was supposed to meet her high school  friend Susan, they were meeting each another after a very long time . They had a lot of catch-ups to do. Tammy was looking forward to […]

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