Do you have some days when you feel that you don’t want to do anything just lie down and go to sleep and never wake up. Today was one of those days. I had been awake from 4:30 in the morning, since my husband had to catch a flight to work very early. After he left to the airport, I could not sleep and my maid came ringing the door bell around 7:30 am when I started dozing and, I was so irritated to be the person to go and open the door. After letting her in to the house to do her normal work of making breakfast, I told her I am going back to sleep.

I went back to sleep and would have slept till about 9:30am, when some dream suddenly woke me up, reminding me it was late morning already. Basically it was my subconscious mind which woke me up, saying that I had slept too long. It felt like all the sleep which I had bottled up within me was getting unleashed today and I did not want to wake up. I dragged my self out of the bed and decided to get my normal routine of things done for the day.

I tried several times today to sit in front of my computer and go through my blog coming up with something to write, no success. Tried reading a book, I ended up sleeping with the book open. My head was clouded with the bottled up sleep. Later in the afternoon, I had my lunch and then sat with my iPhone to get some reading done, but my iPhone kept slipping of my hand and falling on the sofa. So I decided there is no other choice but to given to the need of  going to sleep. And that is what I did for a couple of hours and later once my body decided it had received all the bottled up sleep, I was denying myself. Now I am able to sit down and get some reading done and eventually get some writing done.

Do any of you experience such days, feel free to share.

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