July 29, 2021

Delta flight raced Hurricane Irma from San Juan Puerto Rico, and won

Daily Prompt: Disastrous I don’t know what to call this as, while Hurricane Irma is hitting in Puerto Rico, Delta Airlines sends a flight from JFK airport New York to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The flight takes of in the morning 8:12 am and lands at 11:58 am in San Juan and the […]


    I am very excited about some of the future projects which I keep hearing about  and one of such project is the Hyper Loop. This is a conceptual idea started by Elon Musk, we all know him from Tesla ( all-electric cars). The Hyper loop is a conceptual high-speed transportation system, incorporating reduced […]

Apple offers $1billion green bond for clean energy

  I am very happy to know that there are several companies which realizes global warming is real. President Trump things it’s a hoax and so, he has decided to withdraw USA out from the Paris Climate agreement. Which I personally feel is a big blunder for a leading nation like USA to do. This […]


In this digital age, everyone carry’s a laptop, iPad/ tablet and smart phone (like iPhone, Android etc.). People have lost the touch of Newspaper, the crunch and smell of fresh paper, when you turn the page  you can hear the rustle of it. Whenever I get a chance, I like to browse through a newspaper, […]


Meaning of Reprieve cancellation or postponement of a punishment synonyms: stay of execution · remission · pardon · amnesty · continuance Recently I read in the newspaper that two minor boys in Ulhasnagar (Maharashtra) was paraded naked by shopkeepers after they caught the boys stealing food items from a shop. I was angry and shocked […]

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