July 29, 2021



In this digital age, everyone carry’s a laptop, iPad/ tablet and smart phone (like iPhone, Android etc.). People have lost the touch of Newspaper, the crunch and smell of fresh paper, when you turn the page  you can hear the rustle of it. Whenever I get a chance, I like to browse through a newspaper, because of the experience of reading the newspaper is very much different from your iPad or tablet.

 On a Saturday  with a cup of tea or coffee along with some breakfast, you could spend a couple of hours reading the articles on the Newspaper. You will feel as of time has stopped and you are able to prolong the time and there is no rush for you to go any where. Both me and my husband we separate out the sections of the newspaper and read them. It also give’s you chance to keep your gadget’s down.

How many of you still enjoy reading newspaper or magazines( physical and the pleasure of turning pages), please feel free to share.

4 thoughts on “Newspaper

  1. While I do like the feel of reading an actual newspaper unfortunately our local print paper carries little if any local news; there are at least 2 online papers that do report on local items I feel are important for us to know as well as the important regional and national news so I do rely on websites for news coverage. But most importantly by being online I can access various news outlets and get confirmation on news items by comparison.
    I do miss being able to do the crosswords in the print editions though. lol.

    1. I agree with you, I don’t read newspaper when I am in the PA , they have more advertisement then news, but when I come to India, Bangalore the newspaper is so good they cover a lot of news along with various advertisements.

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