My first month of Blogging

I can’t believe that I have completed one month of blogging. I am the same person, who said that I had an inhibition against writing and, I can’t believe I have been posting so many topics. April Month has gone by so quickly. I wanted to share the statistics of my blog’s success and thank all of you in spending time to review and share your comments on my blog.

Posted -32 topics

Best Views Ever 63 on April 5 2017

Follower’s on word press – 19

Facebook followers – 249

Twitter 6

I have been blogging about various topics of my interest. If you all have any topics you want me to talk about, please feel free share your question.

Please do keep continuing to motivate me with your like and comments. Looking forward to posting more interesting topics and interesting Recipes which you all could try out. I am posting easier recipes so I could get my son into cooking more frequently. I will post more complex and interesting dishes in the future.

Looking forward to be making more new friends and an amazing future in blogging.