Visiting my Niece and Nephew

This was a long over due visit to my sister place. It had been a hectic 4 years with my son in high school, and so I kept on postponing my plan to come to Ohio. My Niece and Nephew were constantly calling me to make a visit. I decided to come at a perfect time, when my little Niece was celebrating her 9th birthday.

My niece is studying in 3rd grade and Nephew in 7th grade.

The minute, she knew that I was coming to see her, she started counting down the number of days for my visit.  She was so excited to see me. Even though I am her aunt she calls me “sistery” I am perfectly fine with it and we have an amiable relationship.

Saturday May 6th was her birthday, so she wanted to celebrate Friday May 5th in school by giving donuts to her class mates. She wanted me to come, so she could show me off to all her classmates.

These photos are with her classmates while celebrating her birthday in school.

This is a selfi of us while going on girls day out.

The three of us decided to go and spend some time in the mall on Friday evening.

I decided to bake her a cake chocolate vanilla marble cake for her birthday

Saturday morning came and she could not sleep in, from 7 am in the morning she started that she wanted to open presents. And when she got to open.

While caking cutting, that is how exited she was. He is my nephew.

She also drew a picture of me.

I had a good time with all of them. Can’t believe how quickly kids grow up these day. We should cherish the moment we have.