May 8, 2021

Finally Landed

If you take a direct flight to India it’s usually 14 to 15 hours. It’s usually very difficult for me to sit in one place for such a long time and even if I get to walk around, it’s mostly to use the bathroom. Which is not much. I have heard many people can sleep through the flight.

That is why I like to change flights, so I could get down and stretch my legs and have a nice walk from one gate to another and also explore the transit airport. Which actually makes not going on a direct flight worth it. 

But if I am on a direct flight, I keep waiting for the time when the plane would touched down at its final destination. When the plane touches down, I am finally happy to be soon getting down and walking around.

What are your thoughts on a long plane ride?

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2 thoughts on “Finally Landed

  1. As someone who does not care for flying (ONLY for extreme urgencies!) I can’t even imagine being able to sit in one place or be confined for that length of time. I would definitely want to take something to make me sleep the time away.

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