Tomatoe Sev Puri 


Ripe Large Tomatoes -2

Mint chutney

Sweet chutney



Fresh cilantro


Take 2 large Ripe tomatoes and cut them into thin slices like shown in the picture. Set them on a plate.


Take sweet Tamrind chutney and Mint chutney to add flavor. You can make them fresh at home ahead of time or you can buy them at India stores.


Add little salt on each Tomatoe slice, then add the sweet chutney and mint chutney on each slice of tomatoe liberally. 


This item is called Sev , this can be made at home ahead of time or can also be store bought.


Add the Sev onto the Tomatoe slices liberally. Add fresh cilantro and then enjoy. This is a very quick snack if you have all the above items ready ahead of time .

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