Crispy Cauliflower

Crispy & Spicy Cauliflower



Cauliflower- 1 medium

Besan flour-  5 heaping tablespoon

Corn flour- 2 tablespoon

Red chilly powder- 1/4 tablespoon

Salt as required


Oil to fry


Take a medium Cauliflower and clean and cut them into florets as shown below. Try not to make them too small, let them be of medium size, so it would be easy to take and put them into the oil.



Separate bowel, take Besan flour 5 heaping tablespoon, 2 tablespoons of corn flour, 1/4 red chilly powder, salt.



Add the cut cauliflower florets to the above mixture and spray some water into the bowl, mix the cauliflower with the masala in the bowl. Don’t add a lot of water at the same time. Add water as required while mixing the cauliflower so the masala will get coated with the vegetable.



When you have mixed the vegetable, it should look like this in the picture. When you are planning to cook this ahead of time you can have it prepared and kept ahead of time so it could marinate. While allowing it to marinate, make sure to keep the mixture closed with a foil wrap or plastic wrap, for about 30 minutes, before starting to deep fry.



Take a medium open pan which can be used to deep fry. Add Canola oil for frying in the pan. Allow the oil to heat up. “Be careful while working with oil” Make sure you don’t have any water near you. In order to test oil, you could take one piece of cauliflower and drop it slowly into oil, when you see oil sizzling around the cauliflower, then take a spoon so you could add the mixture from step-4 into the oil slowly, so oil does not splatter on you.



Using a spatula, make sure to turn the side of cauliflower so both sides could cook evenly into golden brown.



When Crispy cauliflower is cooked, make sure to have thick tissue placed on a plate or have an oil strainer so you could strain all the excess oil. Plate the crispy cauliflower and enjoy them hot and crispy. Can be had as an appetizer, snack or along with an entree.


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