Spring Fresh yummy Salad

Spring Fresh yummy salad


Fresh Baby Arugula

Ripe mango

Pomegranate- 2 handful

Fresh crunchy sprouts

fresh oregano leaves

Green chilly- 1 to 2

Lemon juice – 2 to 3 tablespoon

Cucumber – 1 to 2 small

honey to taste.

salt to taste


Take Baby cucumber and chop them into small pieces to add to the salad.


In a salad bowl, I add a bunch of fresh baby arugula leaves, chopped up cucumber from step-1, Peeled pomegranate, fresh crunch sprouts, little fresh oregano leaves, peel and chop a ripe mango, chop the green chilies finely. I chopped one because I don’t want the heat to overpower the salad. But if you like it spicy go ahead chop the other green chilies.



Then add some salt for taste, and squeeze one half of the lemon for dressing along with a spoon of honey into the salad and mix. well. Then enjoy the fresh sweet, tangy, spicy taste which would burst in your mouth.