Travel Tips

Some travel tips from my experience

1) Pack a set of essentials in your carry on luggage

With the experience of how my son lost both his luggage while traveling from India to Atlanta, this can happen to any one. It’s a very difficult situation to be in. I cannot comprehend the feeling he would have gone through without getting his luggage when he landed in Atlanta on a very cold day when temperatures was about 23degree F.

2) Important Documents

Do always carry your important documents at all time, whether u are traveling domestic or international, its forming a habit .

3) Pack carry on bags

These are your life savers and they keep u from being bored while u wait for a delayed flight or international layover. You could take a book and if u use ebooks  u need to keep the juice for your tablet, phones or laptop u need to carry your power chargers. You could also invest in a power adaptor, depending on the places u are planning to travel to. Don’t pack power chargers in your checkedin luggage. You could carry a snack, don’t carry anything liquid because they will throw them out at security check.

4) Airline miles point

You will be surprised how soon u could accumulate airline mile points. Sign up mile points with the major airlines company like United, Delta etc. and try to stick with them so it would be easy to accumulate the points, but if you are not able to use the same airlines all the time, u could look for partner airlines, who would allow u to add the miles points to the major airlines. That way u don’t lose your mile points.

5)  TSA Pre/ Global entry

If u are planning to travel frequently domestic or global, u could invest on being a TSA pre or Global entry member. This will save u a lot of time not standing in security check long lines. For more details u could go to I love being a TSA Pre, I don’t need to remove my shoes or coat, removing my laptop from my bag. If any one is interested in me talking more about TSA pre, let me know I can do it in a separate blog.

6) Seat Assignments

Get your seats assigned as quickly as possible, u could do it when u are booking your tickets itself and not wait till u check in.

7) Mark your checkedin luggages

Clearly mark your luggage so that no one else takes your luggage, these days all luggage looks the same when u see them on the conveyor belt. If u have been standing in front of the conveyor belt for some time and have not seen your luggage don’t panic just yet, because the Baggage handling employees, when they see luggage piling up on the belt, will start removing them and keeping them in piles at several corners, so check those places first and then if u don’t still find them then make sure u file the report before u leave the airport.