Photos with my iPhone 7 plus

Working all day with our tax return, seeing too much numbers and the computer screen, I decided to go out for a drive to Downtown Easton and use my new phone to take photos. I am attaching some of the pictures

In order to zoom u have to tap the screen and u can get sharp close up photos and video has 2x Zoom or touch and hold to access digital zoom up to 10x.

Live Photos, it’s one of the features I like very much when u are taking a still shoot, u have to click on the live option. What that does to Live Photos is brings the still images to life by capturing a moment in motion.

This photo is using one of the filter option in the camera app by Apple

In the photo app it’s very easy to find and relive all your favorite moments. One of the features I like very much is you can search photos by people, places and even things . When u click on one of the option say like people, it creates a small movie with music and it’s a very nice way to watch those pictures. You could customize the movie by adding your own music and increase the size of the movie also. Have fun playing around with your photos.