Daily Prompt: Panicked

Trying to write a small story using Panicked

Tammy had a flight to catch to Las Vegas, where she was supposed to meet her high school  friend Susan, they were meeting each another after a very long time . They had a lot of catch-ups to do. Tammy was looking forward to her meeting with Susan. They had been close friends in high school, but after they went to college they lost touch with each another and both of them wanted to reconnect back after all these years.

Tammy was heading out from her home in NJ and had to catch a flight from JFK airport to Las Vegas. She was very much looking forward to this trip. She took a Uber to JFK, on the way they got stuck in a traffic jam because there was an accident. Only 2 lanes were opened on the highway they were travelling.

Tammy: What happened, why is the traffic moving so slowly.

Uber drive: I think, there might be an accident up front.

Tammy: As soon as she saw this, she started becoming restless and asked the Uber driver in a panicked state, do you think I will be able to reach the airport on time, my flight is at 3:30 pm. It’s almost 1 pm know.

Uber drive: We are only 20 minutes away, we should be able to make it there if traffic continues to move at a decent pace.

Tammy, starts to feel restless and keeps  re checking her iPhone clock over and over again to see what the time is, when her clock shows 1:30 pm. She starts to panic, because even if the traffic clears she is still 20 minutes away from the airport. Slowly through the crawling traffic,  the uber driver drops her off at the JFK airport at 2:20 pm.

Tammy starts to run in a panic with her carry-on luggage and her handbag towards the security check, since she has checked-in through her United mobile app and she has her boarding pass. She only has to get through security check. When she gets to security check entrance,  there is a big queue of people standing and waiting to go through. When Tammy see’s the line she decided that she is not going to be able to catch her flight. With frustration, she approaches the TSA officer at the security check gate. The officers get to look at her boarding pass and id and points out to her that she has TSA pre and need not go through the regular line. She is so relieved to know that she need not go through the big queue in front of her and heads out to TSA pre line.

Tammy completes her security check in less than 6 minutes, she is so happy to go through to the other side of the airport and starts heading to her gate to catch the flight to Las Vegas, and happy to see her friend.