Jet lag

Jet lag is a psychological condition, which happens because of sudden change in time zones and high-speed travel on a plane.  I am sitting and googling information about jet lag at 3:45 am india time, because I could not sleep and woke up hungry around 3 am in the morning.

Jet lag happens when you travel east to west or west to east. India being in the east and me travelling from USA which is on the west, and with a time zone difference of 9 1/2 hours am/ pm causes jet lag for few days, were you will not sleep when the whole house is sleeping like mine, and I choose to do something like writing or reading etc and get any back logged work done. The productivity during these period is very high. My husband loves jet lag because he would get undisturbed time and his day starts so early that he likes to catch up on his work and your mind also works very sharp at that time. You will be surprised that you don’t have a wink of sleep. But when later sleep hit’s you cannot do anything but sleep, were every you are .

There is no solution to jet lag, it recovers on its own, they say it will take you one day per time zone crossed, so it’s a slow process which you should enjoy. Just keep things with you like something to eat and drink, preferably very light and a quiet place to do what ever you want away from people sleeping, because remember it’s only you going through Jet lag and no one else.

Currently what I am doing is , I am on my second day of jet lag and I decided to blog and read some articles. Did any of you go through jet lag and would want to share your experience of how you were trying to get through it when every one in your family were sleeping. If you want more information regarding how to manage jet lag, you could google it.