Two hours before the final descend to my final destination, I see the air hostess starting to severe breakfast, and I am hungry after a 7 hours’ flight from London. I decide to wake up  to use the bathroom to freshen up.

When I sit back on my seat, the air hostesses come by with my breakfast and black tea. I had a good breakfast and start gathering all my belongs by putting things which I had taken out to use during the flight into my bag anxiously waiting to see my loved ones.

Finally, 45 minutes before the final Descend, I hear the pilot’s voice come over the speaker from the cockpit saying that use the restroom and also to buckle up before the start the final Descend.

20 minutes before the final Descend another message saying that crew to their designated seating and we will be landing soon.

It’s a wonderfully choreographed action, where you will hear the wheels come out and the wings making noise for landing and some small turns and feeling of the plane descending, which sometimes would give you the rollercoaster feeling in your stomach. Passenger’s  anxiously waiting for the wheels to touch down.

Finally, the plane lands and you could hear the final message from the air hostess welcoming you to your destination and giving you some Information about the local place you have landed in. The hustle of activities were people are removing their seat belts and switching their phones on.

via Daily Prompt: Descend