July 30, 2021

Bangalore Airport


Finally, I land at Bangalore airport after a 9 hour flight from London. Usually by the time you land you want a decent bed to sleep and also simple and good food to eat. That is the case I also was in. My husband was waiting at the Bangalore airport to receive me, I had been gone to the USA for 4 month’s.

That is the picture of us being very happy to see each another. We both did meet in the USA, he had travelled for work purpose , so it would be seeing him for the weekend.


While we were having our reunion, there was another farce( drama) going on near by. If you see in the picture, there is a group of girls standing, they were welcoming their friend who had come from the USA with an aarthi in their hand.


It was kind of comical, they were having a lot of fun. You would see such thing’s only in India. My husband instead of noticing me coming out of the airport door was watching the drama unfold. I am trying to get his attention by shaking my hand at him, so I decide to go and stand in front of him and surprise him, after which we took the above picture.

7 thoughts on “Bangalore Airport

    1. Aarthi, is like what I showed in the picture in my post in a plate there are some lamp’s lighted. It usually done in Hindu temples or at home when they are praying to god.
      But in this situation these girls are doing for fun, probably they are showing this to one of there most important friend, who is coming back after a long time or some thing. I am just guessing the situation based on how they were behaving.

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