Maldives Trip( part-4) Exploring the island


Exploring the island

There are 4 restaurants at the island, had an amazing breakfast in one of them.

After having a good breakfast buffet. We both decided to explore the island. The picture above show’s you the point were we arrived.

The water-color is amazing whether it’s rain or shine. I have never seen so many shades of blue and green on water. The sand is so soft that you could walk bare foot through out the island.

This is one of their restaurants which is in the shape of a boat

We decided to take a walk around the island and it was surprising that we could go around the island in about 15 minutes. The size of the island is 500 ft x 9000 ft.


There are 30 Villa’s over the water and 20 Beach Villas in this island.


While walking around the island we collected a lot of different shells and bits of the coral reef, which would come out along with the waves.




Ocean on a sunny day.

Overall the experience of staying on an island was amazing, we kept talking about the movie Castaway by Tom Hanks. But in the movie Tom Hanks has an accident to land on an island. But we stayed in a very luxury island and it was not by accident, but by choice and enjoyed every moment thoroughly.