Milestone 100 post


I can’t believe that I have reached my first milestone of 100 posts for my blog. I am the same person you would know from my “Knowing myself ” post. I had mentioned about having a huge inhibition to write. I started my first post on April 5 th 2017 in the evening after getting my Red iPhone 7 plus and have not stopped ever since.

Thank you to all my Facebook friends, WordPress friends, Twitter friends and my family for giving me unconditional support, in making my dreams come true. I enjoy writing every single day. Even when I travel, I have regular Note book, Microsoft Word and Note pad on my iPhone 7 plus and iPad which I continue to use to jot down my thoughts.

This is the update of my blog, I currently have 71 people through WordPress following my blog, 250 Facebook friends and 6 Twitter friends. I have tried and expanded my post to several different areas, like writing Short stories, Flash Fiction, Daily Prompt, Book Review, Recipes, Poem etc.

Please continue to support me by read my blog and giving me your valuable feed back. Which I read and respond right away.