Edible Flower

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Today I was reading the newspaper as usual in the morning and I came across this article about Edible flower. Thought I would share it with all of you.
1) Pansy

Pansy flower

Pansy is a Mild and delicate, with Velvety petals comes in purple, yellow, blue and white. Its great for garnish and tastes like grapes and mint flavor. These are great garnish for salads, chocolate torts, pastries and puddings.

2) Nasturtium

Nasturtium flower

This is one of the popular picks in India, its mild peppery flavor makes for an excellent culinary component. The leaves of this flower are also edible.

3) Marigold

Marigold flower

I always thought  Marigold was an ornamental flower until today, when i read in the newspaper that its an edible flower . Marigold being part of the sun flower family with its vibrant color adds a lot of color to the plate and also gives a citrus flavor.

4) Crocus flower

Crocus Flower

These plants are easy to grow and they look beautiful. I had no idea until I read about this flower that the stigma of this flower is Saffron (spice) which we use in any kind of Indian desert we make like Payasam, Pudding, Sweets etc. The petals can also be used in beverages to flavor them.

I have seen two out of four of these edible flowers, I have to keep a look out for two of the others. I thought this would be an interesting topic to share with all of you.