via Daily Prompt: Spicy

My husband loves spicy food in general. So we go to Shop rite and find these Habanero peppers. They looked so colorful and was very inviting. Mind you we are seeing this for the first time and have no clue of how spicy it would be.

My husband likes to eat Bell pepper ( Capsicum curry) you can find this recipe under my cooking post. So he says why don’t we buy this and try to cook it same like the Bell pepper. I agree not knowing how this will taste or smell.

Take it home and cut them into small pieces. He does not want me to take out the seeds and, I put a pan with some oil and wait for the oil to heat up a little bit and start putting these peppers into the pan. The minute these peppers hit the pan there is so much of a spicy sting smell in the air and the smell is getting intense and my hand starts to get a burning sensation. That is when I realize that the spicy smell is because of this peppers. I immediately switch the stove off and throw them into the garbage. But the damage is done, with spicy smell in the air with the exhaust on and windows open trying to get the smell out of my kitchen. Later we both had a good laugh, but I have never used this pepper again in my cooking.