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Daily Prompt: Overcome 


As Human’s we have to Overcome our fears Day and day out . Fears are meant to be Overcome. If we are stuck with the various fears we have, then moving a inch will not be possible.

I have several different types of fears, some of them I have taken steps to Overcome, some of them I have not. Obviously I am human, as I said I have to work with my fears Day in and day out.

When I Overcome fear, that motivates me to take the next step to Overcome another set of my fears. I am my own First Fan and Critic. For a very long time I had fear of putting my thoughts to paper, but one fine day I decided to over come it.  It took me such a long time, but better later then never. I am proud of myself, that I decided to Overcome my fear which was the real reason which was stopping me from doing what I wanted.

So my one small piece of thought for all of you who are checking my blog out, is never to allow your fear to stop you from doing something you love.



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