via Daily Prompt: Prefer

Has any one had this type of a problem, were you would get up with something in your head like a todo list and then do the complete opposite or don’t do that activity at all. Today has been one of the days, when I got up with a plan and topic to write in my head. When I decided the topic, I was mentally writing the topic. When I came down to my computer, I had been working on photos previous night and had left some files opened on my computer screen, the first think I saw was one of the photos , I had been working on yesterday night and forget to close them . Immediately my attention went to going through the photos I had been working on . With that went my thought process for the day. I got lost into looking at the photos.

Don’t get me wrong when I say I got lost in the photos. I love both photography and writing and I just have to prioritize what I should do and when. I should not get distracted. I would have preferred to work with the topic I came down and wanted to write.

I sat with my computer with fresh new Word page open and put a title on it and starred at it for some time, nothing would come to start the topic. So I sat and starred at the screen for some time and decide to give up on writing today. I hope tomorrow morning would be a fresh day with a fresh thought and so I would sit and write.