There are certain things in this world, to which we cannot associate a price and so that is why they are called priceless.

Priceless is the smile on your face

when you get up in the morning

Priceless is the time you spend with your family

Priceless is the love you receive from your Mom

After parking my car at the Hospital parking lot, I was walking from the parking lot to the lobby. I need to get to physical therapy, I saw a old gentleman, with a bag of medicines in his hand standing on the side. There were other ladies walking along with me to the lobby, every one of us with our head’s down think over thinks which are important to us about life.

The old gentleman took one look at us and asked us, can you ladies give a smile and we all started laughing. It had to be the old gentleman who had to remind us that we should smile more often to embrace the beauty of life, no matter what comes to you. It was a priceless gift he gave us all.

We all have to slow down and take some time to enjoy life and smile more often .