Photo of the Day

I had a scavenger Hunt in Easton Downtown as part of our photography class. I have lived her for a very long time and have not seen Easton like this. The scavenger Hunt was amazing and I got to see Easton in a different light for the beauty and the history it has . We were about 15 to 20 students and we went in pairs with a list of to do things as part of our scavenger hunt.

The weather was perfect, with blue sunny skies and fall colors at its prime. It was amazing to see through the lens of my camera. Sceneries looked so different when compared to my own eyes.

Easton Shadow
Easton Trolley
City view along with Fall colors
Mansion Entrance
Alley’s in Easton
Easton circle with Fountain
Crayola Factory
Alley way
Historic Lights
Crayola Store Entrance
The Flag
Clock without Hands
Wall Mural

Amazing Fall color
Water Fountains

I hope you all enjoyed seeing as I did. I took several photos, but I choose some highlight pictures for all of you to see.