Experimental- Light Painting

Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

Attending Photography class, has allowed me to experiment with several different techniques . Which is kind of amazing and I particular love taking night and low light pictures, which is kind of cool if you knew the technique.

This picture is called Light Painting. With holiday season around the corner and having a lot of beautiful and colorful lights, its pretty cool to try this technique.  You could have the light either fixed or moving and have your camera either moving or fixed.


Light Painting

my settings : 55mm lens f/14.0 3 s ISO 100

After having your camera set up to take pictures in low light, having your object in front of your camera, you should hold down your shutter release button and start to move your camera around with out releasing the shutter and see the results, its kind of amazing. Don’t use a tripod for this type of picture, its better to hold your camera tight with both hands.



Circles with Light painting



I call this Solara Flare



Light Painting Fabric

My settings 30mm lens f/14.0 1s IO 400

You can do what ever you want. Enjoy


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  1. I’ve thought of taking photography classes. How did you find/choose yours?

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    1. GANSU says:

      I found mine through the local college in my area and Art center.


      1. I’ll look into that. Thanks 🙂

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