Cooking Post 29- Bread Upma

Bread Upma



Onion medium

Green chilly – 2

garlic- 1

corn- 1/4 cup

frozen vegetables- 1/2 cup


Tomato Ketchup- liberally

Coriander powder – 1 tablespoon

Red chilly powder – 1/4 teaspoon



Cut medium onion, 1 small garlic and 2 green chillies.


You could use any fresh or frozen vegetables.


If you are making for 2 people, than you could take about 6 to 7 slices of bread and then toast them before you cut them into small pieces.


Take a pan and add some olive oil and sauté the onion, garlic and green chillies first and then add the frozen or fresh vegetables to cook


Once the vegetable is cooked add salt, coriander powder, red chilly and Tomato Ketchup, and mix well. Then add the toasted and cut bread and mix well.


Make sure you add all the ingredients before you put Bread and mix well and add chopped cilantro. Serve hot. You could enjoy it for Breakfast or a quick dinner.

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