Thanksgiving Road Trip

This year for Thanksgiving me and my husband had an amazing trip to Boston. We spent time with Family and Friends. During the drive  to Boston we crossed 5 states( Started from PA, NJ, NY, CT and then Reached MA). It took us about 6 hours to drive and 1 hour for breaks.

Map of my road trip

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 8.10.45 PM

Even though google says it would take 4hrs and 45 min drive to Boston, it looks us more time because of traffic. It took us about 5hrs and 50min and 1 hour driving breaks so I could take picture.

Photos, I took on my way . The weather was amazing with Blue skies and lots of sun.

Tappan Zee Bridge under construction
Heroes Tunnel in Connecticut
Went through the Tunnel
Connecticut has some beautiful bridges
Tried catching the Sunset in my car side mirror
Leonard P Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge in Boston during the night
Leonard P Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge in Boston during the night

While returning back from Boston, got to take some amazing photographs of the Mother Nature.

Cloud and Blue skies
Beautiful Red Sky Sunset
Orange and Yellow Sky Sunset
Beautiful Red Sky

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip.


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  1. Those are beautiful pictures. I’m sure spending Thanksgiving in New England during the fall is amazing. I was there in October. Loved it!

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    1. GANSU says:

      It was an amazing trip, thank you for seeing my photos.

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