via Daily Prompt: Allergic 


Allergies are annoying, I have sinus allergies. As soon as there is a change in the weather, my sinus knows the change, before I even feel it physically. I take a tablet on a daily basis to manage my allergies. I would tell my friends who suffer from these kinds of allergies not to sit and suffer, but to talk to your doctor and get some kind of remedy to manage.

There are several different types of allergies, some are even life-threatening. The different types of allergies are

  1. Food allergies
  2. Skin allergies
  3. Dust allergies
  4. Insect sting allergies
  5. Pet allergies
  6. Eye allergies
  7. Drug allergies
  8. Allergic Rhinitis
  9. Latex allergies
  10. Mold allergies
  11. Sinus allergies
  12. Cockroach allergies.

If you don’t know what allergies you have, the doctor can test and let you know the course of treatment.  So don’t keep delaying go for this test and make your life more smooth, then suffer with them on a daily basis.