August 2, 2021

Recipe- Spring onion chutney

Spring Onion chutney


Green Scallions – 1 bunch

Channa dhal- 3 spoons

Urda dhal- 6 spoons

Dry Red chilly whole- 4

Oil- 2 tablespoon




Clean green scallions


Chop them up like shown in the picture.


Take 4 dry Red chilies, 3 spoons of Chana dhal and 6 spoons of Urdu dhal.


Pour 2 tablespoon of oil in a medium pan , add the ingredients from step-3 into the oil and sauté until the ingredients turns golden color. remove the item in a plate to cool.


In the same pan add the chopped up green scallion and sauté until the scallion cook.


Take the ingredients from step- 4 and step-5 and add it into a blender with the required amount of salt and small quantity of water when required. Grind until the ingredients is smooth . Once grinded we’ll, take it out in a bowl. You can have it with white Rice or as a side dish to Rasam and Rice. You can check my recipe for Rasam.

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