Vegetable Cutlet

Vegetable Cutlet


Potatoe- 2

Carrot shredded – 2

Corn- 1 cup

green chilies- 2

Red chilly powder – 1/2 teaspoon

corn flour – 2 tablespoon

garam masala- 1 teaspoon

salt as required

cilantro chopped

Corn flour

Bread Crumbs

Oil to cook




Take 2 medium Potatoe and boil them and peel the skin and set aside to cool in a bowl.


Shred the carrots and add corn, cut green chilies, salt, corn flour, dry red chilies, garam masala powder into the bowl with peeled potatoes. With a masher mash all the vegetables together.


Add cut fresh cilantro, mash and mix all the vegetables together. Check for salt. Mix well to blend all the taste.


Take the mixture from Step-3 and make them into medium size balls. Use both your palms to press together keeping the ball in between. You get a flat cutlet.


Take Breadcrumbs in one bowl and Corn flour powder in another bowl or flat plate. Add some water to the cornflour and make it into a mixture.


Take the flattened Cutlet from Step-4 and put both sides of the Cutlet into the cornflour mixture, you made in step-5.


Then dip the Cutlet into the breadcrumbs. Make sure to apply breadcrumbs on both sides.


Take a shallow pan and add some cooking oil. When Oil heats add the cutlet coated with breadcrumbs into the pan and allow it to cook. Have the stove on medium flame and make sure to flip the sides of the cutlet. Cook the cutlet until it turns nice brown and crispy on both sides.


Take the crispy cutlet and strain for extra oil with a tissue.  Then serve hot with ketchup or Mint chutney