Banana flower Vada Recipe

Banana Flower Vada Recipe


Banana flower- 1

Toor dhal- 2 cups

Green chilies- 4 or 5


Ginger – a small piece

Oil to deep fry


Banana flower is part of the Banana plant. This is another variety of vada. The first picture, I have put shows how the Banana flower looks, so you could buy it.


When you peel the flower, the tough husk is thrown away. Keep peeling the husk you will reach the yellow, pink and white flower, which you could use. There are several layers to peel and remove. When these flowers are peeled and left out in the open they tend to turn black, so you need to use some acidulated water, like add several tablespoons of lemon, vinegar or sour curd in water.


Take 2 cups of Toor dhal and soak them when you start the process of cleaning and cutting the flower. you need to soak the dhal(lentil) with water for at least 2 to 3 hours before you can grind it. Make sure to pour water until all the lentil is underwater when they are soaked well the lentil will rise up and fill the bowl.


Going back to the Banana flower, take a bowl with water and add two tablespoons of lemon, vinegar or sour curd into it and mix well. Peel the black stick like think from the flower and then cut the flower into small pieces. You will have to peel the black stick like thing from every flower.


The cut flowers need to be soaked in the acidulated water you have prepared for the time your lentils are getting soaked. This will keep the flower from becoming black.


When you are planning to grind the lentil which you have soaked, you can add the cut flower by draining out all the water into a microwave safe bowl. Add a spoon of olive oil and mix the flower and microwave on high for about 5 to 6 minutes with a lid closed.


Drain the soaked Lentil, make sure all water is out. Add 4 to 5  green chilies and a small piece of ginger required salt and grind it in a blender without adding any water. Make sure to grind the lentil coarse and not smooth, if you want a crispy vada then it has to be coarse.  Add the coarse ground lentil into the bowl you cooked the banana flower in. Mix well, with chopped fresh cilantro leaves.


Make them into small round balls as shown in the picture. Take a deep bottom pan and add vegetable oil, so you could deep fry the vadas. Make sure to flatten the small balls before you drop them slowly into hot oil. Make sure the vada’s turn golden brown on both sides before you take it out.


Use a tissue to drain the excess oil vada when you take them out of the hot oil. Enjoy the crispy vada while it’s hot.