August 2, 2021


In 2015, I hurt my back and my knee. I had been diagnosed with disk protrusion on my L5 ( spinal cord) with Sciatica pain on both sides of my leg running down from my lower back until my toes.  I have undergone all kinds of treatment, I got myself  a cortisone injection on my […]

Maldives Trip( part-4) Exploring the island

Exploring the island There are 4 restaurants at the island, had an amazing breakfast in one of them. After having a good breakfast buffet. We both decided to explore the island. The picture above show’s you the point were we arrived. The water-color is amazing whether it’s rain or shine. I have never seen so […]

Maldives Trip(Part-3)- Arrival at the island

Arrival at Milaidhoo Island Leaving towards the island on the boat Both of us  got onto the boat which came to receive us from the island. The boat was amazingly comfortable, but the 15 minutes ride to the Resort, was very choppy and rough because the waves were very high and at times the waves […]

Maldives Trip (part-2) Sea Plane Ride

Sea plane Ride to the Island I have only seen Sea Plane’s on Television show’s or Movies, it was my first time seeing them in person. It’s a small plane which seats about 15 people and can take off and land on water. The moment I saw them I was so excited and scared also.  […]

Maldives Trip(part-1) Reaching Maldives

Reaching Maldives My flight was booked from Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore at 3:30 am to Colombo, Sri Lanka and change of flight after 2 hours to Male, Maldives. I reached along with my husband at 8:30 am Male standard time. There is a 30 minutes time difference between Sri Lanka and Male. We were booked […]

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