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When I moved to the USA in 2000, its was called the millennium year, all big software companies were behind the Y2K projects. I did not in my wildest dreams think that I would come to the United states of America.

The only way to call people before used to be through land line phones. During the weekend calls to India, I would tell my parents and sister that soon some one should come up with the camera through the phone so we could talk and see each another.

It feels like some body in Apple heard my wish and then came up with Face time on iPhone, which is a an awesome cool feature, which really makes seeing each another and talking on the phone. The world is really become flat, distances is not a big deal any more. As soon as this feature was introduce by Apple, I had all my family members buy Apple ipad, iPhone or ipod, based on what there interest was.

When we call my mother in law, she lives in Bangalore by regular telephone, she immediately opts for FaceTime. It’s wonderful being able to see other emotions while chatting with themđŸ˜„đŸ˜„. Thank u Apple, its one of your best creations.


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