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Red iPhone 7 plus

I just upgraded my iPhone from 6s to Red 7plus iPhone. This is a first time I  am getting a plus. When compared to iPhone 6s. This phone seems really big. It makes typing much much easier from the iPhone 6s. I still have to figure out the rest of the features for iPhone 7 plus. I will post them in my next blog.

Previously I had the rose gold iPhone 6s. This time I went for a Big and Bold color Red. After I got this color and came out I see that my car is also Red. I guess I like bold colors. I got this as an early anniversary gift from my husband. Thank u hubby😄😄

Any body thinking of upgrading there phones, should think of getting the Red iPhone. Apple has a good cause behind the color . Apple in partnership with (Red) will contribute a portion of your iPhone purchase to the Global Fund to support HIV / AIDS program and help deliver an AIDS – free generation.


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  1. Awesome, Im due for an upgrade , maybe i’ll get the red version too. Currently have the rose gold and love it! Great anniversary present!

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