The Day of Travel

The day of travel, depends on which frame of mind you are in, if you are a part of the travel then usually its very exciting, chaotic, something to look forward to. But if your loved one is travelling ( whether its your husband or Kid travelling to college) then the whole scenario changes. Whether they are travelling Domestic or International , the aspect of sending your loved one is not the most cheerful thing to do.

     On the day of travel , day start with chaos, because in my household they do not believe  packing in advance. And usually my husband has some kind of work call going on from early in the morning till a few hours before he gets ready. After which  he is packing and double checking if all the items required are taken.

   So usually its a lot of running around helping to pack . Once he leave’s the house, it quiets down and everything feels still for some time, and my mind fighting to accept the change happening and the feeling of vacuum in and around you. It feels like the purpose is lost.  Every room you go by you sense and feel them.

Now its waiting for the next time for them  to return, to have it happen all over again. I hate having any one to go away and then to wait for them to return.