My Happy place

Every one will have a happy place, where you can be yourself , do what ever you want to do, no one to judge what you say or what you do. When you eat or sleep. What finally matter’s you have that happy space were you unwind, relax. It’s very important in today’s modern world, we’re everything is so very busy .

My Happy space in the world is my Autumn colored sofa in my 2 story family room, which has three big windows, lots of light and beautiful black granite fireplace .  I like to do a lot of thinks sitting on my sectional sofa. I have the sofa placed close to one of the windows, where you could look out whether it rain, snow’s or the sun shines with a nice book on my iPad . I could spend enjoying my space reading, writing or watching tv.

Do you have a space which is your Happy place ? Please share.