April 2017

I can’t believe how fast April is already over. This has been a very interesting month. I did a lot of things planned and unplanned of which , Blogging is one of them.  April being the 4th month of the year, usually you look for a break from snow and wait for flowers to bloom, which means lots of rain and allergy season for people like me. It’s beautiful to drive around, you get to see so many colorful flowers and tree’s blooming. Best time to have your camera’s out.

These pictures are taken in my new iPhone 7 plus.


Flower’s from my garden

My garden is smelling sweet with these blooms.

I have enjoyed blogging all of this month.  Next month, I am going to be spending time with my son in Atlanta. I will be blogging from Atlanta and will love to share all interesting things about Georgia tech and Atlanta.