Hello Atlanta

I started my journey by taking a flight out of ABE( Lehigh Valley Airport) to ATL( Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport). My flight was delayed about 30 minutes  from ABE airport.

The weather when I was leaving ABE was very cloudy so while take off I could only see white sky and nothing below.

Coming closer to Atlanta, the weather got much better and it was a bright sunny day. The view was fantastic.

      Atlanta airport is the busiest airport in the world. It has about 100 million passengers traveling through this airport.  This airport is also hub to Delta, so u could really get good connection flights .

I took a uber from Airport to the place we are staying in. I used Airbnb to book our stay in Atlanta. Airbnb’s are home away from home and u get some really nice places in a nice location to stay. If u are planning to travel and would want to spend more than 2 days in a place I think u should check out  http://www.airbnb.com

It’s been 4 weeks since I met my son and I was very happy to meet him. He is growing out to be an amazing young man. We went out for dinner to a Thai restaurant near west campus of Georgia Tech. I got to take some pictures of the campus.

After dinner we walked back to our house we have rented. It was a very refreshing walk. Normally I don’t take such long walks after dinner. But we both had a lot to catch up on and my son had the time, since he just finished his last day of class and had to start preparing for the exams.

Some glimpses of Atlanta

Planning to explore more of Atlanta, will keep u all updated as and when I do.