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I saw this daily Prompt# Control, and I was wondering how should I go about writing . Control is something each one of us craves about. As long as you have “most of it under control”, you feel sane. If you notice I did not” say all of it”, I mentioned most of it. If you are trying to be making all of it under control, then you become a “Control freak”.

I was looking for a quote and I found this” Today I refuse to stress myself out about things I cannot control or change”. I got this quote from “”.

I see this quote and, I am like I should try to follow this today. It will be 15 minutes after I decided everything starts to fall apart. My son comes with his huge laundry and he needs help with it. In the building, I am staying I don’t have a laundry unit inside the house and now, I have to take them down to a laundromat, which thankfully is in the same building, but I have to bag the laundry and take them down. You know how it’s when your college kid asks for help with laundry they have a suitcase full of dirty clothes, waiting to be washed and folded.

There you go now, “I really must stress upon the above quote”, I have found for today


Daily Prompt: Control



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