Puzzle, I love solving them. I never knew that I could sit down to complete a 1000 piece puzzle until I did them. I have put together about 7 to 8 (1000 Piece) puzzle. I love a good challenge.

According to me doing a puzzle is a form of meditation. You are focused on one activity, it keeps your mind from wandering and at peace. You are very relaxed, listening to your favorite music. It also involves a lot of strategy, if you don’t form a strategy you will soon become over whelmed by seeing 1000 piece  in front of you and not knowing what do with each pieces.

20130526_162817394_iOS (2)

Depending on the picture, design and color of the puzzle, your puzzle gets complex. When you have more shades, then its a bit of struggle. The picture below is work in progress. You definitely need to choose a very comfortable working space, with a lot of natural light and regular lighting. Try not to work in the dark, because it’s very difficult to find out the difference in color.


After completing the puzzle, I glue them at the back. You get Smart glue sheet, which you could use to stick the puzzle together.  you could order these sheets from Amazon.com. I never try to turn the puzzle around by my self. Because as soon as you try to lift it, it will fall apart. So with the help of another person, the puzzle has to  slide out onto a foam board and with the help of another foam board you turn it around and then you could work on the back side of the puzzle.


Putting together a puzzle teaches a lot of different things. Patience, perseverance,  time management, motivation etc. Without which you cannot compete the puzzle. These are life lesson, you could get out this activity. The biggest of all lesson is to never give up.