Alarm Clock



Alarm clock, you used to be my friend every day when my kid went to school.

Alarm clock, I never missed hearing your voice ring every single day at 6:30 am.

Alarm Clock, some days I used to get up even before you rang and wait for you to ring so, I could wake up to your music.

Alarm clock, whether I set you up on my iPhone or my physical clock. You never failed me any single day.

Alarm clock, You would ring every day at the same time,

Alarm clock, if I hit snooze, you would patiently wait for 5 minutes and then start ringing again.

Alarm clock, you have never let me down until I hit stop if so there were a few days where I ended up over sleeping.

Alarm clock, you gave me a purpose to get up every day and embrace the new day.

Alarm clock, you have never let me down, when my husband has asked me to set up an alarm to wake him when he was on his overseas trip.

Alarm Clock, I don’t hear your voice on a regular basis anymore, but still whenever I hear you I am very happy to do so.