Sitting on a Lazy boy sofa, she started dozing. It was only day two of jet lag, she still had not been fully acquainted with her surrounding’s during her sleep.  Suddenly she heard some noise, and was not able to put together were it was coming from or which directions, so she ignored and continued to sleep.

The noise started to increase and it went to a point she could not ignore it, heart throbbing and head pounding she opened her eyes trying to make sense of the noise, hearing the noise one more time she catapulted from the Lazy boy sofa onto the floor, blinking back sleep from her eyes and trying to get hold of her situation to find herself on the floor.

Slowly it came into her focus where she was, she had catapulted from the sofa onto her living room floor. Wiping away sleep from her eyes, she got up slowly from the floor and sat on the sofa, trying to figure what had happened, bring her throbbing heart into control by taking some deep breath. Once she brought her panic situation under control, decided to find out the reason for the noise. It was the doorbell ringing which was the reason, so she decided to answer the door bell and found her maid rushing to answer the door before her.



The Daily Prompt: CATAPULT