July 29, 2021


Today after a long time I got to see an Indian film (Tamil Movie) in Bangalore. The name of the movie is Bahubali 2 The conclusion. 

  This is a hystorical fiction, this film was produced by Tollywood in India. It’s big budget movie spending Rs 250 Crore .

This movie is amazing and I was very impressed with it’s larger than life scenes, setting , story and amazing cast and crew selection made the movie very realistic. I would compare scenes, setting  and Graphic’s to Avatar. Music was amazing adding to the above elements of the movie. I would highly recommend each one of you to see this movie, even though the movie is in local Indian language they come out with subtitles.

  This movie made quiet an impression with color full costumes and jewellery, music and dance. I throughly enjoyed the movie along with my niece, we had a lot of fun this afternoon.

Daily Prompt: Impression 

3 thoughts on “Impression

  1. awesome! how is the theater in India? i remember going when i was very young and it was so noisy! lol Also been meaning to watch this movie in Hindi but haven’t gotten a chance to.

    1. I watched this in a new mall with theatre’s in it and the theatre was like in the USA. The screen was mega and so it was very nice with sound system to watch the movie. But I would suggest to watch the movie in Tamil if you know the language better then Hindi. The story is a South Indian story, it will make a lot of sense, but if Hindi is only available make sure it has subtitles. Both of you should see it it’s awesome movie😄😄

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