Leopard Trail Campsite in Sri Lanka

Yala National Forest is the second Largest forest in Sri Lanka. I along with my husband got to stay in Leopard Trails camp site . They have a luxury’s tent with all amenities, like a Kings size bed, flushable toilets and full shower stall . The only thing not available is internet, which was amazing.


Leopard Trails campsite




Entrance to our Room




View inside the room



The accommodation was amazing and very cozy.  The people at the camp site are very caring and sweet. They made sure our trip was very memorable. We were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and the stay at Leopard trail was our last day stay in Sri Lanka.

They had arranged dinner in the wild and it was amazing to experience the forest and the sounds of life around us.


Nice Dinner was arranged by the Ranger at the camp site




Did a little bit of Star gazing


I got to do star gazing for the first time in the wild. It was so peaceful and amazing. They had a lay back lounging chair arranged for us in the wild.


Jeep Safari Truck


Jeep Safari was arranged from the Camp site. In my next post, I will cover about the safari and the animals we got to see. That was the first time I was on a safari and I enjoyed it thoroughly.