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Cooking post 17- Dhal Vada

Dhal Vada





Toor Dhal – 1 cup


Channa dhal – 1 cup


Green chilly – 3 medium


Green cilantro


Curry leaves – bunch


Fresh Ginger- 1 small piece


Water as necessary









Soak Toor dhal and channa dhal in bowl until the lentil is completely soaked and they stand above the water.







Make sure you strain the water from the lentil completely using a colander , add washed green curry leaves, green chilly and ginger to the lentil. Use very little water while grinding.







Grind all of the above ingredients and add salt to it. Make sure the paste is neither too soft or too rough. Just right enough, like shown on the picture. Transfer the mixture into a bowl.







Add two large spoons of hot oil into the bowl of the mixture, by making a small hole into the bowl. Mix them together .






Make them into small balls as shown in the picture and press them flat with your palm before putting them into hot oil .






Take a pan and pour oil . Make sure you have dry hands when working with oil . Beware of hot oil coming out of the pan. When you take small dough balls and flatten them with your palm and take them from your hand and slide them into oil. When oil is hot, you will see froth forming on the oil , like shown in the picture.






When the vada’s turn nice brown and crispy, take them out of oil carefully and place them on a tissue to strain of all oil. Enjoy them hot and crispy like a snack or part of a main lunch or dinner.



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