July 29, 2021

Yala Forest Safari

The place we stayed at Yale National forest had set up Jeep Safari for us. A little bit of history about the forest. Yala National park is the second largest park in the island. Covers a 979 square kilometers (378 square miles/ roughly 97000 hectares. This park is divided into 5 blocks, through safari we get to see through Block 1 and Block 2.


This forest consists of Asian Elephants, Leopards, Sloth Bear, Jackal and wide variety of Birds. During the Jeep Safari, I got to see Elephants, Jackal, Wild Buffalo’s, Deer, Mouse deer and Mongosse.






Wild Buffalo






It was amazing to see these animals roam freely in front of your eyes in their natural environment.


Wild Boars



It was amazing to see so many different animals living together. Some pictures of the Birds, I got to take.





Crocodile hiding in the water




Crocodile resting with its mouth open






The only disappointment was not getting to see a single Leopard, when that forest is know for Leopard. Jokingly I like to say that all of them went on vacation when I decided to go and see them. :):)

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  1. Thanks for following OMBH.. I don’t always have the time to visit your blog but I’ll try and do hope you find a smile or five when you visit mine!

    1. It’s an amazing experience to see them up close. Just walking in front of you and you feel grounded, if they decided for one moment to come at you, then u have no choice. Where can u run, when you are disrupting their world.

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