Anticipate means to expect or predict.

When you are reading a very interesting book, you will keep anticipating and predicting situation and scenarios. Which will not want you to put down the book you are reading and “you keep anticipating what is next and next”.

Last week I started reading a book called

The Consequence series by Aleatha Romig.

It’s a set of five books together and I was not able to put the book down.

When I read the first book consequences, I did not like the way the story was going particularly with Claire Nichols and Anthony Rawlings. But something from Claire story side was keeping on pulling me to find out more and then I decided let me complete the first book, after which I was swept into the story before I realize I was completing the book.

Has this happen to any of you. You kind of start reading the book and suddenly you realize the way the story is going you don’t like it, but something keeps nagging at you and then you give into the nagging and decide to find out. Please do share if you have gone through such feelings in my comment below the post. Looking forward to read your comments.