Daily prompt: Tame

Meaning of Tame changed by man from a naturally wild state into a tractable, domesticated or cultivated condition.

This is the closest human’s can come to taming wild animals by putting them behind electric fence and cages. When I went to this zoo and saw these animals behind fences and cages, I felt that even though the animals looked tamed behind the fences, they could come out any time breaking the fences and get us. We were sitting on a bus going through a safari looking at them through the bus window.

I thought to myself, when you go into the animals world to visit them, we are at their mercy. It’s not they who are behind fences, its us Human who are behind the fence.

If you look at the first two pictures you feel the elephants are behind fences, but when you come to the side you would see that the side is completely open and the elephants are free if they want to come at you. There is a herd of elephants standing.