Daily Prompt – Collaboration

The meaning of Collaboration is ” the action of working with someone to produce and create something.

We have to teach children how to work in a team from a very young age itself. When children work as a team is when you will be able to teach them skills of sharing, caring, delegating, following order’s and also Leadership skills coming out. In the Olden days there used to be multiple kids at home, but this generation more of  them are single kids . So not having a sibling, the kid learns to play and do things by themselves on their own, this actually does not help them when they work as team. Team building exercise can start at home, as parents, if your friend has a same age kid, you could collaborate with your friend and come up with activities so both the kids could learn the meaning of collaboration, while playing, doing activities, homework etc. This teaches a lot of different skills to the children and they also have fun.

If you are not able to do this during school time, you could plan on doing them over summer vacation. That way your kid will also not get bored during their vacation, because you have to go to work.