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Life update

Today May 15 is my son’s 19th birthday. Time just flies, it feels like he was just born, holding him in my arms, and I can’t believe it when I see him all grown up and studying in college.

Children’s grow up so soon and it’s just that parent’s they don’t want to grow up. They still want to see their kids and feel that they are still young like when they were a baby, toddler, in elementary or middle school.

I baked a cake for my son, and I celebrated his birthday along with his friends.

I have felt so many times if I could rewind life like in a DVD or VCR and revisit moments ,but when reality kicks in you know nothing is going to change.


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  1. Happy birthday to Ashwin. He is a remarkable young man, you and Ganeshan did a wonderful job raising him. So proudto know all of you.

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